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  • I’ve put together five songs that will fill you with new energy, so sit or lie down comfortably, put on your headphones and relax your every muscle. After 30 minutes you will hopefully feel more energised (at […]

  • Do you hate reading for exams? Me too. I’m the kind of student who tries to focus on the lectures so I don’t need to read anything afterwards. I find it very difficult to open the book and start reading, but I […]

  • What is the best album of 2016?

  • What is the best live show you have ever been to?

  • Whether you want to relax or get dreamy, these songs will help you do that. I gathered songs with ambient soundscapes, soft acoustic instrumentals and vocals that will make you dream about all the beautiful […]

  • Lorde – Melodrama

    Relase date: June 16th

    Singles (opens on Spotify):

    Green Light



    Alt-J – Relaxer
    Release date: June 9th

    Singles (opens on S […]